Monday, May 5, 2008

"I don't need extra credit"

Today was the day that I had to present my AI project to the class. I was prepared for the Spam filter and the Spell checker that I created using Naive Bayes Classifier. My power point slides were ready to impress everybody. I was anxiously waiting for my turn to present. However my professor had some different idea. She decided to go through some of the material related to our assignment.

She went on and on and on, until only 15 minutes were left. I knew that I won't be able to present today but definitely I have to present on Wednesday(which will be our last class before the finals).

After the class I went to the professor and told her how I am more than prepared to present my project. To my utter bewilderment she said "Oh you don't need to present, you don't need extra credit" because I was doing well in my class. (The presentation was for extra credit and was optional). I tried to argue that even if I am doing well, I still wanted to present but to no avail.

So it seems like that I won't be able to show my work to the class. I was upset because all the hard work (power point slides) will go unnoticed but at the same time I was glad to hear that I am doing pretty well in my class.

Oh well, everything happens for a reason. (I am just not sure what it is)

Update: So I was finally able to present my project. It turns out that not many students were willing to show their work which worked out for me :)

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